Your Planet Needs You

I have been dreading watching this programme.  I like many have been aware of threats to our planet through global warming for some years now and few can be unaware of the information being circulated by environmental organisations and action groups, or remain ignorant to the outstanding and global action that the public are now taking to bring our governments to task over climate change.  However I feared that despite my awareness, this programme might make it clear that things are far worse than I thought, and sadly it has.... We are all going to have to deal with our own fears over this issue in our own ways, this post is not about my concerns, it is about my resultant actions. As it says in my blog header, and to this I hold... There are many things in this world that we have influence over for the betterment of us all. I believe that if you identify a problem that you cannot live with you have to try and bring about change for the better. I know that I do not

We made the switch!

I am delighted to say that as of yesterday all of our electric is now generated by wave, solar and wind power and our gas use carbon footprint is 100% offset thanks to Pure Planet . Plus we are saving £500 a year! Thats the second of our Earth Hour promises fulfilled.

Plastics Challenge - Update 2

Following my last shopping trip where I purchased all of the usual products as required I have been compiling a list of the items that come in plastic containers, which I currently recycle, and trying to source alternatives. I have looked for refills, which can result in up to an 85% reduction in plastic use, or non plastic containers as an alternative. I have been comparing previous brands, current brands and new brands so I can also analyse the cost implications and will be writing to individual companies to inform them of my findings, requesting that they provide refills or alternatives where applicable. So far the outcome has not been as bleak as I expected. Details to follow on completion.

Earth Hour

Well it seems that Earth Hour was a resounding success again this year and it was great to take part. Mr Dancin' and I had a candlelit dinner and chatted through the time which flew by. In fact we enjoyed it so much we did the same again the following night. So far there have been 56,715 promises made to the planet, which thanks to Ariel equates to a £56,715.00 donation. It's not too late to make your promise and add to that figure, which is growing even as I type,  HERE . Image Credit: WWF Several of the promises you can make relate to reducing plastic usage and although the truth about plastics littering our planet is horrific I am especially pleased to see how much everyone is talking about it. In addition to promises you can make to reduce your plastic usage Greenpeace are running a petition to lobby supermarkets to ditch unnecessary plastics from their shelves, following in the fine example Iceland have made for their own brand products. Your can sign HERE

Plastics Challenge - Update 1

Further to my last post regarding my attempt to ditch plastic from our lives I am now writing my next shopping list and have immediately realised how many products we purchase that are not available in any other kind of container. The first that comes to mind is yoghurt pots, I have a young daughter who eats baby yoghurts daily. I will report on my progress, and what if any solutions I find at this early stage. I will also let you know what action I take to attempt to remedy the situation with manufacturers. I am happy to take as much action as I can personally however, money is a factor. Not many of us are in a position to drastically increase our outgoings in order to address an issue like this but that doesn't mean there aren't significant measures we can take. Image Credit: Eco Hustler In the meantime I have a couple of useful links to pass on. As Earth Hour 2018 approaches the WWF invite you to make a Promise for the Planet. Just one small commitment by y

Plastics Challenge....(Better title to come!)

This is my plastic recycling for weekly collection, which may or may not be recycled and could end up in the ocean. To be accurate we did not put our bin out last week as it wasn't full so this is 2 weeks, none the less.... I have come across some troubling and reassuring stories about plastic littering our planet and the sight that met me this morning has prompted me to take more direct action myself. Just as ripples spread out and all that. I am going to quit plastic (anywhere I can!). Anyway fancy joining me? Or telling me that they are already doing it?

Vote of no confidence?

I have been researching how general elections are triggered and am a little shocked to find out that it is harder than I thought, and than it was up until 2011. The Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 came into force on 15th September 2011. Amongst other things the Act removed the power of the Queen to dissolve Parliament and trigger a general election and neither can a government trigger a general election anymore.  Early elections can now only be held if either a motion for an early general election is agreed by at least two thirds of the whole House or if a motion of no confidence is passed and no alternative government is confirmed by the Commons within 14 days. Currently general elections are set to take place in May of every 5th year and as such the next election will be May 2020. There has been a petition circulated recently calling for the matter of a general election to be debated in Parliament however despite high levels of support the topic is not going to b